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Tips from Master Guide - Robert Drover

Robert a renown guide on many a watershed, but it is the Eagle River, Labrador that he likes the best. Conditions can change in a blink of an eye on the river, recognizing that is your first lesson in conquering the mighty Eagle River. Fish will change their location and how they take the fly.

The locals call them River Bugs, Entomologists call them Plecoptera, Robert calls them his best kept secret. Ten years of variations has produced the perfect fly set. These flies combination out fish all others hands down.

Read the water and hit the slick. The Eagle River is deep and the current is highly oxygenated, this reduces visibility. The current creates updrafts that present a surface slick, watch for them and make sure your get your fly on the slick.

Scout and follow. Robert is always moving around and only stands still when he is on school of fish. He is a firm believer that you should chase the school, but you got to find them first.

These are just a few tips Robert has shared with us.

Eagle River Outfitters Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Lodge

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