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Master Guide - Robert Drover / Justin Crocker

Born in Canada, Robert (right) was introduced to his first fishing trip at the early age of five with his father. To this day he remembers that experience, a single event some forty years ago laid the foundation that changed his life forever.

"We do not remember days. We remember moments in our lives."

For Robert, fishing has been a way of life, and he has been actively involved in the industry for over 20 years, as a successful industry consultant, business owner and professional fishing guide.

His passion for fishing, his love for the outdoors, his drive to succeed, and his belief in a high standard of hospitality and customer service, are all elements that he strives to bring to every guided outing.

Having been blessed to guide and meet so many people has opened many doors for future success. He recalls being asked by a fortune 500 CEO to come and do a talk about customer service. Showing up in a pair of Simms waders was the beginning to the most sought after customer services professional speaker/trainer out there today.

We are sure glad he takes time to guide with us every year!

"There is nothing more rewarding than meeting guests from all 4 corners of the globe and putting a smile on their faces. Keep an open mind and you will learn lots from others."

Eagle River Outfitters Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Lodge

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